Company Facilities

Rushil Décor Limited operates technologically-advanced manufacturing facilities with in-house design capabilities in the western and southern regions of India. Together, these units have the capacity to produce 34.9 lacs sheets per annum.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing units stand testament to our commitment to quality production and customer satisfaction. We operate advanced machinery built by some of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers while an experienced technical design team continuously works on innovative product designs at our in-house studio.

Over the years, as we continued our focus on delivering beyond our customer expectations, we upgraded and expanded our machinery, designing, production and engineering capabilities to design and manufacture Medium-Density Fiberboards (MDF), Pre-laminated Particle Boards (PLPB), Plywood and Veneer finishes.

Our modern inhouse manufacturing facilities are modelled on international technical plants, planned for seamless workflow and ergonomically designed spaces ensuring high productivity. We follow industry best practices and processes that are energy and time efficient, helping us meet environmental standards while maintaining shorter lead times.

Capable of manufacturing multiple product ranges, these facilities make effective utilization of resources and reduction in overheads. Furthermore, strategic location of our facilities gives us a significant competitive cost advantage in terms of raw material sourcing, manufacturing and labour costs. Our facilities enable sufficient output to cover the Indian and Global market demand.