Our Business Domains
Dominating the market with an extensive range of Decorative Laminates for Home and Commercial use, these products are manufactured at modern in-house facilities of the company and marketed under our flagship brand of Vir Laminates.
High Pressure Decorative Laminate

The laminates and plywood industry is highly fragmented and unorganized. Among the clutter, Vir Laminates emerges as a dependable and trustworthy brand and one of the best High Pressure Decorative Laminate Manufacturers in India. Vir high pressure decorative laminates is crafted from distinctively selected decorative papers and absorbent Kraft paper infused with melamine and phenolic resins. HPL holds superior dimensional stability as it is pressed and hardened under heat and high pressure.

This makes HPL resistant to scratches, stains and even boiling water. Available in over 506 designs, multiple sizes, and 49 textures and finishes, Vir Laminates is continuously redefining offices and homes with elegance and hence leading in laminate sheet manufacturers in India situated at Gujarat, India.

Vir 1.00 mm Decorative Laminates | Vir Primelam (0.8 mm) Laminates | Vir Color Core Laminates | Vir Post forming Laminates | Vir Sleek Laminates | Vir Chalk/Marker Grade Laminates | Vir High Gloss Laminates | Vir Ext-Lam Laminates | Vir Digital Laminates

Single Sided or Decorative Laminate Sheet | Double Sided or Compact Laminate sheets | Post-Forming Laminates | Metal Bond Laminates | Digital Laminates | Color Core Laminates | Table Top Grade Laminates